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Leading healthcare provider in Greater Manchester Covering Mental Health and Learning Disability

What should you expect from us? Quality care Respect Better health Support Consideration Transparency Communication

Who We Are

At Equilibrium Healthcare, we believe that the needs of our service users are best served by working in collaboration with local clinical commissioning teams and local authorities. We put a lot of effort into creating working partnerships to ensure that care for our service users is seamless and that their individual care pathways always remain the focus of our service provision.

Starting with just one home in 1993, we have grown through successfully personalising the care provided to the individual, an approach, which means we swiftly adapt the facilities and services, we offer as their needs change. Our homes and hospitals are well established, which allows service users to integrate with their local communities without fear of stigmatisation or exclusion, which is beneficial to their recovery.

Services We Offer

An independent hospital providing 24-hour rehabilitation nursing care for adults (males and female) with a diagnosis of mental illness and / or learning disability aged 18 years and over. It is currently registered to provide care for 36 people who may be informal or detained under the Mental Health Act 1983.

A nursing care home that provides nursing intervention for adults (male and female) which can accommodate people with a variety of types of dementia aged 18 years and over and whom may present with complex challenges. It is currently registered to provide care for 59 people who may be informal or subject to certain conditions under the Mental Health Act 1983. 

A nursing care home that provides intervention for adults (male and female) that need continuing care support and who have enduring mental health / complex needs. It is currently registered to provide care for 38 people who may be informal or subject to certain conditions under the Mental Health Act 1983. 

A supported living service providing 24-hour support. It has both male and female only services for people with complex challenges who have a diagnosis of mental health and / or learning disability. It is currently registered to provide support for 20 people who may be informal or subject to certain conditions under the Mental Health Act 1983

Our Vision




To provide a high quality service tailored to the individual needs, whilst using a person-centered approach to our care.




Actively encourage our services users and tenants to achieve their personal goals and aspirations to lead an independent life. 


Valuing People


Respecting all service users, tenants, staff and families involved with the care provided by Equilibrium Healthcare. 




To safeguard all services users and tenants that are within our care across all services within Equilibrium Healthcare.




To build and develop an experience and knowledgeable workforce by offering a comprehensive training programme. 




Offering an open, honest and transparent service for all our stakeholders involved with Equilibrium Healthcare. 

Meet the Team

  • I began my career as a Staff Nurse in the NHS as a Registered Mental Health Nurse in 1986 and following several career promotions I left to join Equilibrium Healthcare in 2004. I have been fortunate during my career with Equilibrium Healthcare to have held the position of Registered Manager in most of the services we provide. My current position within the company (as Operations director and Nominated Individual under the Social Care Act) enables me to support, direct and monitor the team who provide care.

    Irrespective of which healthcare industry I work in my core values are the same. That is to focus first and foremost on our service user's recovery, their experiences and how we can help people on their journey to better health and improved quality of life. It is as important to continuously monitor and review what we do to ensure that we deliver the correct service, to those that need it, to the required standards by a staff team that have the right attitude, are appropriately skilled, to provide the care required. People who use our care services are central to the decisions that are taken on a daily basis and our expectations of the care team is that they listen, are compassionate, respectful, supportive, and responsive to service users and their families.

  • I joined Equilibrium Healthcare in February 2016 as Operational Manager following a career that had started by working in a High Secure Hospital as a Registered Nurse Learning Disabilities. That initial phase of my career allowed me to move on to commission and manage a regional NHS MSU for people with Learning Disabilities. My personal development included Applied Behaviour, Cognitive Behavioural, Specialist LD Practitioner and Advanced Clinical Practitioner qualifications.

    I have utilised the knowledge, skills and experience to work in community NHS services as a specialist in Forensic LD and then work as a clinical nurse specialist and operational manager in the private sector across Independent Hospital, residential care with nursing and residential care services.

    I have retained my enthusiasm and passion to deliver care and support to people so they can live their lives to the fullest. These values and ethics I have brought to my work with Equilibrium Healthcare so we can make a positive difference in the lives of the people we care for.

  • I joined Equilibrium Healthcare in 2006 as an Assistant Operational Manager. I progressed through the Company undertaking the role of Operational Manager for the Supported Living Service before commencing, my current role as Head of Human Resources in 2011.

    During my time with Equilibrium Healthcare I have been given the opportunity to obtain my MSc in Human Resource Management and an NVQ Level 4 qualification in Health and Social Care.

    How do I ensure that the team is providing a good service? I ensure that in my role as Head of HR I am actively involved and work directly alongside Service Managers and their teams to ensure that our employees have the right skills, attitude and ability to provide care. I monitor how we support, encourage and develop our workforce to enable us to continually reflect, modify and improve upon the service we provide. We invest in your care by also investing in the staff team.

  • I joined Equilibrium Healthcare in January 2016 as the Head of Contracting. This role includes contract compliance, referrals and admissions, stakeholder management, business development and service outcomes. 

    My background is in commissioning and contracting predominantly working within the Local Authority and the NHS. This is where I completed my Postgraduate Certificate of Credit in Commissioning and Purchasing for Public Care. 

    My role within Equilibrium Healthcare is to ensure we are meeting all of our national and local contractual requirements, therefore giving services users, families and commissioners the confidence in the services we deliver. My philosophy of care is to develop safe, well-led services that are meeting the needs and outcomes of our service users whilst offering excellent value for money.