Applying innovation to healthcare

Virtual experience centre

Our interactive virtual experience centre has been designed to improve the well-being of our service users through advanced technology. The virtual experience centre enables service users to encounter truly thrilling experiences without having to leave the premises. From an invigorating walk along an Aussie beach to an invigorating instructor lead aerobics class, our services now offer a wide range of capabilities many other services can only dream of presenting. The centre boasts atmospheric controls with which service users can change the environment and temperature.

We support rehabilitation pathways; the virtual experience centre has the capability to prepare service users for discharge. Service users can experience daily life, from walking around Manchester train station to visiting the dentist, we break down barriers and remove anxieties with our ground-breaking virtual experiences.

Via our partners at Health-Connect, users of the virtual experience centre can have access to a wealth of fitness instructors, from yoga gurus to personal trainers the virtual experience empowers service users to take control of their health and wellbeing.

The Equipod

The Equipod is a multifunctional high-tech, secure pod designed to promote independence and remove the physical barriers felt between service users and friends, family, and healthcare professionals.

In response to the pandemic and to help futureproof our care, we created the Equipod. A place where service users can meet safely with their friends and family. Fully customisable, secure, and unique, the Equipod breaks down barriers, reunites families and brings joy to service users.

The Equipod is also utilised as a consultation room, removing the anxieties of outside healthcare visits, and bringing healthcare professionals to the service virtually. Service users are no longer faced with the physical barriers of a face-to-face healthcare visit. The Equipod allows users to consult remotely with multiple members of their healthcare team without having the leave the service. Inside the Equipod we utilise multipaneled screens for a fully immersive video conferencing experience connecting service users with professionals, sensors measure height and weight, and state-of-the-art technology can read blood pressure and heart rates with accuracy. Service users are empowered with the Equipod and can even include family and friends in their consultations virtually. The Equipod brings service users, family, friends, and healthcare professionals together to deliver truly outstanding care.

Improving the lives of individuals, with innovation

Technology is at the heart of everything we do. We believe innovation enhances our person-centred care approach. Innovation helps us to deliver more efficient care, it empowers our service users to live more independently and supports our staff to focus on meaningful face-to-face interactions. From investing in electronic pathways to coordinate more accurate data and building our ground-breaking Equipod, here at Equilibrium Healthcare we are constantly innovating to ensure we remain at the forefront of research and technology.


Devan Moodley, CEO

“At Equilibrium Healthcare we are truly forward-thinking, bringing innovation into the healthcare industry with our pioneering technology and approach to care. We work collaboratively to bring healthcare into the 21st century with technological innovation and a passion for care."

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After much thought, deliberation and planning, the concept of the Equipod was born and then quickly put into action.Many professionals would agree that one of the key challenges within the health and social care sector, particularly in the time of COVID-19, has been ensuring that different disciplines continue to…

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