Every human counts

Our story so far.

Everything we do helps our service users to live well and do well, in supportive environments designed around them.

Starting with a single home in 1993, today we operate five care homes, supported living and mental health hospital facilities in Greater Manchester.

In 2018, we embarked on a cultural transformation and major refurbishment project – investing in people, technology and research. By placing human rights and equality at the heart of our services, we have built a culture of care and respect that rests on every person being treated as an individual. We are now proud to be rated as ‘Outstanding’ or ‘Good’ by the CQC for all our services.


Providing the highest quality service tailored to individual needs through our person-centred approach to care.


Offering an open, honest and transparent service for all our stakeholders involved with Equilibrium Healthcare.


Safeguarding all services users and tenants that are within our care across all services within Equilibrium Healthcare.

Valuing people

Respecting all service users, tenants, staff and families involved with the care provided by Equilibrium Healthcare.


Building and developing an experienced and knowledgeable workforce through training and employee programmes.


Actively encouraging our services users and tenants to achieve their personal goals and aspirations to lead an independent life.

Our Care

Every day we are demanding a better future for the individuals in our care: constantly innovating to ensure our services remain at the forefront of research and technology. We continuously collaborate with professional bodies and local authorities to deliver pioneering people-centred care. In recognition of our Human Rights based care approach, we were asked to present at the CQC’s Annual Equality Conference and deliver training to the NHS and other private social care providers.

Our Culture

At the centre of our approach to care is the principle of embracing change and driving progress. From clinicians to tech developers, we house diverse perspectives within our team and empower our staff and service users to be significant drivers in improving services and effecting change. While we are directed by clear statements of purpose, we are reactive and dynamic.