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We continually strive to improve our services every day: with innovation remaining at the forefront of research and technology, and continuously collaborating with professional bodies and local authorities to deliver pioneering person-centred care. We are proud to be bringing healthcare into the 21st century.

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We believe that transparency is one of the greatest drivers of change. We ensure service users, family and friends have access to the current CQC reports. Click below to download our reports now.

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Our five residential care services have been recognised and are highly regarded across the Greater Manchester area. We are innovating and creating more services to offer the best care available.


CQC report, Fallowfield Project, October 2020.

“The philosophy of the service was to focus on the individual rather than a diagnosis or offending history, and to recognise and celebrate people’s unique values, personalities and personal histories. Everyone was considered an equal partner in their personal support journey.”