Nursing Careers at EHC

Every day is different for our nurses, filled with unique experiences. Our nurses adeptly handle a fast-paced and dynamic setting, consistently upholding the high level of care that we take pride in. Our team of diverse and high-performing nurses is expanding, and we are seeking more individuals who are both enthusiastic and compassionate to further strengthen our team.

Join Equilibrium Healthcare, where incredible people provide incredible care

As a nurse at EHC, you are trusted with the autonomy to delivery excellent care and support, empowering you in a career that truly makes a difference. Our nurses are integral to the fabric of the healthcare team, with a resolutely person-centred approach, that respects the dignity, privacy and independence of each of our service users.  

As a member of the nursing team, regardless of your level, you will be instrumental in crafting environments that cater to the varied physical and mental needs of our residents and patients. We will value your professional judgement, and evidence-based decision making, to navigate the varied and crucial clinical decisions. As a company, we are committed to provide well-staffed, comfortable and secure environment, to enable you to flourish.  

Our Services

Moston Grange

Our 64-bedded, nursing home, located near Failsworth, Oldham, provides specialist care for adults over the age of 65 with various complex needs, including: Dementia or other associated conditions, alcohol-related problems, acquired brain injuries, progressive conditions such as Huntington’s and mental health conditions.

What to expect at Moston Grange

At Moston Grange we have created an environment that everyone would be proud to call home. We pride ourselves on a positive dining experience with visual and attractive nutrition options provided. We work to continually change the environment to meet the needs of each individual, including hosting events every month and taking our service users on day trips to further their care journey with us. 

What our Nurses say:

Oakland House

Our 38-bedded, nursing home located in Longsight, Manchester, provides specialist care for adults aged 18-65 and those 65 and over, with various needs: including: enduring mental health challenges, drug and alcohol-related issues, degenerative disorders, and mental health conditions.

What to expect at Oakland House

At Oakland House our goal is to facilitate a daily life that is as independent as possible, ensuring service users are fully involved in their individual care planning and have a say in how we operate, either informally through our open culture or via user-led forums. Our compassionate and dedicated team work hard to create a homely atmosphere to ensure residents feel comfortable and included. 

What our Nurses say:

Eleanor Hospital

Our 34-bedded, hospital located in Didsbury, Manchester, stands as a dedicated service to female adults under 65 with personality disorders, delivering specialist care with innovative solutions. 

What to expect at Eleanor

At Eleanor, we believe that healthcare should be a dynamic and engaging experience, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this exciting new era in patient care. With our experienced, innovative team and our state-of-the-art facility, we are poised to revolutionise the way we think about health and wellness. During your time at Eleanor, you’ll work closely with the leadership team to provide the highest level of care to our female service users.  

What our Nurses say: